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how to

• Puncture four holes in the shaker jar sifter.

• Replace lid and tap a small amount into lid.

• Use lid as palette.

• Load Kabuki brush by working or “crushing” minerals into brush.

• Start on the area that requires the most coverage or start at the jaw line and work inwards to avoid over application.

• Apply a thin layer and allow your body’s heat and natural oils to activate the colour.

• Add thin layers as needed.

• Use a small eye shadow brush, pinky or ring finger to convert into a concealer to cover blemishes and to disguise under-eye discoloration.

• Mix or layer with SIM Mineral Mist for a dewy finish and to activate colour.

• Less is best when using SIM MINERALS. Use a third of what you would normally use in comparison to a conventional line.

A Few Words of Advice …

  • Exfoliate regularly and  start with clean dry skin.

  • Allow moisturizer to absorb before applying minerals.

  • Do not let the minerals sit on the surface of the hairs; this may lead to over application.

  • If the foundation looks heavy, remove some by buffing away excess using the Kabuki brush.

  • Use fingertips to help camouflage blemishes by pressing minerals with the pinky or ring finger. The heat, pressure and natural oils over the minerals help develop the colour and provide full coverage.

  • To avoid over applying, start on the jaw line where it is less noticeable.  Brush lightly with small circular strokes.

  • If foundation looks dry, spray Mineral Mist directly onto face or spray into hands and pat on face.

  • In shaker jar lid, mix SIM MINERALS and Mineral Mist for a concentrated unde-eye concealer. Apply with a small shadow brush.

  • Mix SIM MINERALS with your favorite moisturizer to make a tinted lotion with a creamy texture.